Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships can be rocky at times, but with equal effort from each participant, they can be pretty amazing. Since relationships involve time, and time can never be gotten back or relived, it is important to make each day count. Each partner needs to strive to learn and develop the Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship.

There are several characteristics that contribute to having a healthy and rewarding relationship, among the most important is selflessness and respect. When making a commitment each person has to realize that it is no longer just them, they now must consider how their loved one feels, or would feel about a variety of things. This is perhaps one of the hardest things to remember at times, but in doing so; a healthy and lasting bond can be built.

In remembering to be respectful to each other come what may, a couple can get through nearly anything. One thing that is crucial to all types of relationships is to remember to forgive and let things go. To harbor anger is like putting a bomb under a seat and hoping it won’t go off while sitting down. If a partner makes a mistake and has asked for forgiveness, the issue needs to be dealt with, and left in the past. Dragging up old problems can only stifle a relationship and put additional stress on it.

Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to be forgiving, but few things offer the personal freedom that is found in true acts of forgiveness. Another characteristic that leads to a great relationship is remembering to make time for the important things. Life can become stressful the busier we become, by setting aside the time to enjoy quality time with a partner; we can keep a relationship alive and thriving. Additionally, each partner needs to set aside time for personal time; giving time to another when severely needing some time alone can lead to stress. Much of this is covered in the acclaimed relationship book, The Magic of Making Up, by T.W. Jackson. (You can get your copy HERE)

Many couples find that setting goals and working together to accomplish them helps to grow their relationship. When able reach mutually satisfying goals, couples tend to bond tighter and realize that they are capable of accomplishing anything together. For some couples setting time aside to do a mutually enjoyed hobby or fitness activity together can be rewarding as well be great goals to start out with. By spending time together and reaching personal goals, healthy relationships are developed. Other types of characteristics such as always being honest, faithful, and remembering to enjoy the little things in life can go a long ways towards building a gratifying relationship.

Couples that remember to always tend to their relationship no matter how stressful and busy they may be, are the couples that stay together and would have it no other way. We are meant for companionship, which is why when we are single we tend to crave and long for a person to enjoy life with. When finding the right person, developing and maintaining the relationship is easy if each person remembers to offer each other their best every chance they get.