Pros & Cons of Being in a Relationship

Relationships are full of ups and downs, even the very best of them. No matter how well matched a couple is, there are going to be downsides in every relationship at some point. When the right two people are together, the pros & cons of being in a relationship are well balanced.

A healthy relationship will have everything it needs to keep the good and the not-so-good equalized so the relationship can flourish. This is not to say that there won’t be times when it may feel like the cons outweigh the pros, but strong couples soon find those feelings don’t last long when all else is considered. It takes time to develop a relationship that is solid enough to make it through tough times.

When two people respect each other and never lose sight of reminding each other of how much love is between them, this couple can conquer even the worst of times. Patience and determination are both requirements of developing this type of bond. It is easy to have grand illusions that love is going to be easy and effortless, but it is far from that.

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The positive aspects of having a relationship might include things like having someone to grow old with, someone to set and accomplish goals with, an

d having someone that reciprocates love. Not having to spend time alone and being able to share hobbies and goals with someone special are other positive things about relationships. Being able to build a life full of fond memories together and support each other’s personal and career goals are also things that are considered to be good about relationships.

A couple in a married relationship might add that having children and eventually grandchildren together is a pro of being with each other. After all, the circle of life is why we all exist, we are born and then we grow and many of us give birth to new life before our lives are finished. The concepts of having a family is something that the majority of us feel compelled towards.

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Some of the most common negative aspects of a relationship are things like losing personal freedoms, sharing finances and financial burdens, and remaining monogamous.

For some people, being tied down is more than they can bear – and instead of seeing marriage or a relationship as “sharing,” the term they do use is “tied down.” These people tend to shy away from relationships when they start getting serious. Having to always consider how someone else feels about them doing what they want, and when they want to do it, is simply not how some people choose to live. For these people it can be a huge con if they have to get permission to spend money or go out with friends after work.

This is not saying that these people are bad in any way; it is just how some people prefer to live. Some of us enjoy being single, while others prefer to live in sync with a partner and have someone to share the pros and cons of a relationship with.